Investment Requirements

The start-up costs of opening multiple Telepizza stores across major cities in large territory or country can vary depending on the project. Our Business Development team will build with you a business plan that will determine all the investment requirements to open your master franchisee. You can find here a rough idea of the franchise fees structure and stores concepts with each cost.


Telepizza Master Franchise agreements require building and operating a minimum number of restaurants in a particular geographic area. Most international markets require sufficient capital and financial ability to develop a minimum of 15 stores.

To be considered, most candidates must have


Net worth under our multi-unit development agreement with additional minimum requirements for liquid/cash assets.

These are minimum requirements and do not represent the total potential costs to open and operate one or more Telepizza’s stores

Store concepts

The Telepizza system contemplates various store formats in order to address different types of customers, always aiming to maximize Brand Awareness, coverage and capillarity.


Located in main streets with high traffic offering the complete Telepizza experience: Dine-in, Delivery and Take Away. Premises requires from 140 to 160 sqm.

€160.000 to €180.000


Located in high density residential areas focusing on Delivery and Take Away. Premises requirements from 80 to 100 sqm.

€130.000 to €140.000


Located in malls with high food traffic preferably with own Dine-in area. Premises requirements from 50 to 80 sqm.

€90.000 to €100.000

All amounts can vary depending on the location and territory. The investment amount corresponds to a turnkey store including equipment, delivery system and technology.


With an integrated model, from the production to the consumer, we assure quality standards and higher profitability for your business.

We own our own factories in each region where we establish strategic agreements with key suppliers; thus, our partners can benefit from Telepizza’s Group Purchasing Conditions and economies of scale, maximizing the profitability of the business.


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What are the minimum financial requirements to qualify as a franchisee?

The minimum financial requirements will be determined depends on the territory and development plan. Fees and investments are based on many factors such as existing brand presence in the market. For multi-unit development agreements for a specific country or territory we require a substantial net worth and cash availability position for covering Fees and stores development.

How long is the entire process of becoming a master franchisee?

The process to be a business partner includes Candidate internally pre-qualification after send us the questionnaire, conference call with the international team, Due Diligence if necessary, Business Plan Review and Approval and contract signing. That process can takes approximately 30 to 60 days.

How Telepizza support the master franchise?

Because your success is our success, a skilled and experienced team is dedicated to support our business partners to run profitable and successfully Telepizza projects, at all levels of the operation: Technology, Operations, Marketing, Human Resources, Real State, Store design, Sub franchising, Legal and Communication/ PR.

Do I need previous experience in QSR?

It is preferable an experience in multi-unit QSR / casual restaurants, retail and/or food sector with long strategic vision to develop global reputation brands with high knowledge of the local market (from customers to locations and operations) with Real State negotiating capacity. If you have another valuable experience let’s talk about it.

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